Was, wenn alle Actionhelden, Frauen wären?



“What if all the action heroes who saved the world, day in and day out… were girls?

Only 12% of protagonists in major Hollywood films are female. Even in the background, in crowded wide shots, women only make up about 17% of those shown in live action and animated movies. Among the highest grossing G-rated films of all time, female characters are outnumbered by male characters by three to one.

Move behind the camera and the numbers are sadly similar: in 2014, only 15% of films had female directors, 20% had female writers, and a mere 8% had female cinematographers.”

(via @elquee)

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  • 3rd Engine schreibt am 5. November 2015 um 19:30

    Girl Power 1987:
    “There aren’t enough women in the underground music scene.
    Let’s start a band.”

    Girl Power 2015:
    “Women aren’t shown that much respect in movies.
    Let’s tell others what to do.”

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